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Audit Yorkshire currently has an experienced team of seven accredited Local Counter Fraud Specialists, who have a wealth of experience in delivering a quality anti-crime services to NHS organisations. We deliver actions designed to embed a counter fraud environment within our client organisations, by conducting work in the following areas:

Risk-based approach

Our fraud team adopts a risk-based approach to strengthen counter fraud arrangements within their clients.

This is done by considering all reliable information and intelligence, which informs the potential fraud risks faced by the organisations. This information is obtained from a wide variety of sources and considers local, regional and national counter fraud activity.

Fraud Prevention

Audit Yorkshire believes that the best way to tackle fraud and corruption is to prevent it from happening in the first place. This belief is reflected in the proactive work undertaken by the Audit Yorkshire LCFS Team for all of its clients.

Audit Yorkshire ensures that proactive work is tailored to each client’s requirements, but common aims include:

  • Ensuring that control and management weaknesses exploited by fraudsters are addressed and loopholes closed to future attempts.
  • Ensuring each organisation has a strong anti-fraud culture to make staff aware of how and where to report suspicions of fraud.
  • Utilising a variety of different media to make staff aware of the potential consequences of defrauding the NHS.
  • Introducing Counter Fraud Policies and Protocols and fraud-proofing relevant policies.

The results of having a proactive approach to countering fraud is having a high-level of fraud awareness at each client, which is reflected in the results from the most recent counter fraud surveys, which identified that on average 78% of employees knew who the designated LCFS was for their health body.

Fraud Detection

As well as focusing on preventing fraud, Audit Yorkshire utilises data analysis software to undertake proactive fraud detection exercises.

At one client the software has assisted in identifying 25 instances where staff had submitted duplicate or overlapping claims for Trust and bank work. Another exercise to identify potential insider enabled invoice frauds was undertaken using the software package. The package analysed over 20,000 lines of data and produced a number of findings for further investigation.

Reactive Fraud Work

To ensure that fraud referrals and investigations are dealt with swiftly and effectively by a fully accredited LCFS, Audit Yorkshire has eleven LCFSs.

At one client the software has assisted in identifying 25 instances where staff had submitted duplicate or overlapping claims for Trust The Counter Fraud Team actively undertake counter fraud work and this ensures that there is an adequate counter fraud provision to undertake investigations in accordance with the NHS Fraud and Corruption Manual

How do I report a suspicion of fraud?

Should you have a suspicion of fraud it is important that it is reported to one of Audit Yorkshire’s LCFSs. It is important that you do not investigate this matter yourself as this may potentially jeopardise an investigation into the individual. 

Contact us by Post

Counter Fraud, Internal Audit, Park House, Bridge Lane, Wigginton Road, York, YO31 8ZZ.

Alternatively, you can raise concerns by:

  • using the NHS Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line: 0800 028 40 60 – all calls are dealt with by trained staff and are professionally investigated.
  • visiting the following website