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Audit Yorkshire

Audit Yorkshire’s primary purpose is to provide assurance and constructive challenge through high quality, cost effective and independant internal audit, anti-crime, advisory and consultancy services. This ensures our Members reap the benefits of shared knowledge, skills and efficiency.

5th June 2018 / News

Intern Internal Auditor - My Year with Audit Yorkshire

Our Intern, Charlotte Parkhurst, discusses their 12 month placement with Audit Yorkshire.

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24th April 2018 / News

Taming the Butterflies

One of our auditors, Sarah Hatherly discusses top tips for combatting pre-meeting nerves.

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5th April 2018 / News

Overtime, Travel and Expenses

One of our Local Counter Fraud Specialist's discusses ways in which organisations can prevent inadvertent claim breaches, potential manipulation of the procedures and to detect where fraud may be occurring,

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15th March 2018 / News

ACCA exam tips

One of our auditors discusses handy tips that helped them to pass the ACCA exams

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20th February 2018 / News

My Career in an Ever Changing Internal Audit Landscape

One of our experienced auditor's discusses the changes in internal audit over the span of their career

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30th January 2018 / News

The Benefits of Effectively Describing Risks

David Noble, one of Audit Yorkshire's Senior Internal Auditors with over 12 years' experience in audit, gives his perspective on the benefits of describing risks effectively. David is a Certified Risk Professional, having successfully undertaken the Institute of Risk Management’s (IRM’s) International Diploma in Risk Management; the IRM being the world’s leading professional body for risk management.

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2nd January 2018 / News

Lake Balaton to Audit Yorkshire!

One of our Associate Internal Auditors explains why he joined our 'bank'

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22nd December 2017 / News


Audit Yorkshire Manager and Training and Development Lead, Karina Rogers, gives her view on the development of the apprenticeship standards and what they mean for Audit Yorkshire and other organisations.

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24th November 2017 / News

Crime Prevention Roadshow

There are many types of crime that affect the Trust and the wider community including violence; anti-social behaviour; security preparedness; terrorism; criminal damage; theft and fraud. Work to tackle crimes needs to be jointly led and co-ordinated for it to be most effective.

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