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Welcome to
Audit Yorkshire

Our Mission is: To enhance and protect the organisational value of our Members and clients by providing risk-based and objective assurance, advice and insight

Our Vision is: Audit Yorkshire will be the supplier of choice for NHS and Public Sector Organisations principally in the Yorkshire and Humber region

We Value: Customer satisfaction, Excellence and Independence with Integrity.

15th October 2021 / News

Liberty Protection Safeguards

This webinar was held on 7 October by Hill Dickinson and TIAN (The Internal Audit Network, of which Audit Yorkshire are a member)
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16th August 2021 / News

Recruitment Opportunity: Head of Internal Audit

Our Managing Director is retiring - could you lead Audit Yorkshire into the future? This is a remarkable career opportunity with huge potential.
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4th August 2021 / News

2020/21 Annual Report

Audit Yorkshire's 2020/21 Annual Report
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AuditYorkshire @Audit Yorkshire ● 25 Nov 2021

Audit YorkshireWhat is the cost of fraud? Spot a case of NHS Fraud? Remember... Spot it Report it Together we stop it 0800 028 4060

AuditYorkshire @Audit Yorkshire ● 19 Nov 2021

Audit YorkshireInternational Fraud Awareness Week: Beyond the obvious financial harms caused by fraud there are other impacts to consider too. #fraud #IFAW #IFAW2021

AuditYorkshire @Audit Yorkshire ● 16 Nov 2021

Audit YorkshireIt's International Fraud Awareness Week. Today's focus is fraud control in emergency management #fraud #IFAW #IFAW2021

AuditYorkshire @Audit Yorkshire ● 15 Nov 2021

Audit YorkshireIt's International Fraud Awareness Week. Today we're focusing on the 5 principles of fraud and corruption and the work of the Government Counter Fraud Function #fraud #IFAW #IFAW2021

AuditYorkshire @Audit Yorkshire ● 15 Nov 2021

Audit YorkshireThis is International Fraud Awareness Week. Audit Yorkshire and @NHSCFA plus the community of NHS #fraudfighters are always looking to spot, report and stop fraud. Will you help them? #NHSFraud Spot it. Report it. Together we stop it.

AuditYorkshire @Audit Yorkshire ● 05 Nov 2021

Audit YorkshireWhy not release your pension? Because you maybe giving it to scammers;

AuditYorkshire @Audit Yorkshire ● 26 Oct 2021

#PaymentDiversionFraud affects all types of businesses and individuals. However, due to the targeted nature of this fraud type, small to medium sized businesses and those buying houses are particularly vulnerable. Learn how to stay safe:

AuditYorkshire @Audit Yorkshire ● 21 Oct 2021

Audit YorkshireConcerned about NHS Fraud by Third Parties? Find out more about this area in our Fraud Prevention Guidance;