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About Us

I really appreciate Audit Yorkshire’s in-house healthcare expertise; they demonstrate and apply a deep understanding of our business and its attendant risks. I have great respect for their robust approach and their ability to get to the heart of matters arising from their audit projects.

About Audit Yorkshire

Audit Yorkshire is an NHS internal audit, local counter fraud, local security management and advisory service provider formed following a merger between North Yorkshire Audit Services (NYAS) and West Yorkshire Audit Consortium (WYAC). Audit Yorkshire is hosted by York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and is supported by a consortium of NHS statutory bodies (its Members).

Audit Yorkshire has extensive knowledge and experience of Foundation Trusts and Acute services providers. Our client base includes Acute Trusts, Mental Health Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups. Our purpose is to create value for our Members, clients and stakeholders through delivery of excellent internal audit, local counter fraud and associated services.

We are not a standard NHS internal audit provider and here’s why we’re different:

  • We use a lean approach to focus resources on areas of most need to minimise the overall cost
  • We have developed joint working approaches with specialists and technical experts to increase efficiency and improve assurance
  • We have access to a number of nationally recognised associates who are available to support our clients
  • Our model of collaborative working facilitates benchmarking exercises across a wide organisational base
  • Our unique Board is made up of client Finance Directors/Chief Finance Officers and Audit Committee Chairs, ensuring our clients take a participative role in our strategic direction


All staff are either qualified or working towards an externally validated professional qualification. Audit Yorkshire has invested heavily in the professional development of its staff and a significant proportion of our workforces have a CCAB qualification.

We have a Trainee Progression Framework that sets out our strategy and level of expectation in relation to core training and expected progression. This includes professional and development training. We are committed to ‘growing our staff’ and this approach provides significant added value to us and to the NHS more widely in terms of a development route for NHS financial and risk leaders of the future.  

We provide specialist knowledge and expertise to all our clients. Our team consists of individuals who chose to work for the NHS and who are capable of, and have a genuine interest in, contributing to the long term development of our clients. We also utilise our qualified and experienced staff and bank of specialist associates to provide additional specialist knowledge and expertise as required.


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