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Social Value 

Corporate social responsibility is important to Audit Yorkshire as an NHS organisation and we are committed to ensuring we have both ethical and sustainable business practises. Our Corporate Social Responsibility statement is:

Audit Yorkshire strives to operate as a socially responsible employer who goes beyond statutory obligations to promote sustainable business practices, benefit our core NHS partners and the wider community and create an inclusive and positive work environment.

We are committed to integrating social and environmental concerns into our business operations and this will be demonstrated through our strategy and corporate policies and procedures. Making a proactive contribution to our NHS Partners, communities and wider society aligns with our values and our approach will encompass volunteering, charitable and environmental initiatives.

Many aspects around how we as Audit Yorkshire can act in a corporate socially responsible manner are directly influenced by our host Trust. As employees of York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust we adhere to the Trust’s visions, values, policies and procedures.

We also have a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy in place which sets out what both our host Trust and Audit Yorkshire are already doing and outlines future commitments in respect of four building blocks of Corporate Social Responsibility:

CSR block