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Digital, Data and Analytics

‘For all the opportunities technology brings to organisations, it can bring just as many risks’

Audit Yorkshire is aware that organisations are increasingly becoming digital, they need assurance in their technology to mitigate risk. Organisations can use data and technology to help decision making and help create organisational value.

Audit Yorkshire has dedicated IT professionals with the skills and experience to understand your technology and data risks. Our IT professionals are proficient and knowledgeable and regularly attend training to stay on top of the latest technology developments.

While each of our approaches are tailored to meet a client’s individual needs, all our services are characterised by working closely and providing support from the beginning to the very end of a project.

How we can help


As organisations become more dependent on technology this increases exposure to cyber threats. We can provide Cyber security reviews, Penetration testing, Mock phishing exercises and Cyber Essentials preparedness.

Assurance and Advisory

IT Infrastructure – We can provide assurance to drive improvements in the following areas: 

  • Business continuity/disaster recovery
  • Security architecture and design assurance services
  • Network security
  • Data security
  • Software/IT asset management
  • IT risk assessment
  • IT Strategy
  • Programme & project management
  • Pre- / Post-implementation reviews
  • ISO 27001 certification support

Data and Analytics

Audit Yorkshire Data Analysis experts deploy automated tools to provide in-depth investigation into a client’s systems and data allowing us to better understand the client and their risks.

Through our use of specialist software, we can offer data analytics to our clients either through our audit work or as a bespoke piece of work.   The use of specialist software enables us to analyse the whole data set population rather than sample testing and understand the reasons for any outliers or anomalies.   It allows us to add value by identifying potential areas that may save the client money, provide extra income, spot avoidable costs and detect data quality issues that might impact on patient care and highlight these to the client.

We have developed a range of standard audit tests for those audits that are undertaken on a regular basis, such as key financial systems.  Our use of data analytics is not confined to financial systems; we explore using analytics for many other areas including but not limited to waiting list management, analysis of risk registers. We continue to look to grow and expand this area of our work and develop new and refresh our existing testing scripts on a regular basis.

Data Security and Protection

Forward-facing, data-driven organisations operate within a complex legal and regulatory framework governing protection and use of personal data.  In the health and care sector, as well as getting to grips with evolving data protection laws, this means carrying out an annual self-assessment against the National Data Guardian’s ten data security standards, and providing separate assurances of conformance to the Information Governance Framework for Integrated Care.

Audit Yorkshire is well placed to support you with your compliance programme. Our team of experienced auditors is complemented by our own Information Governance Specialist Lead, a qualified GDPR Practitioner with over twenty years’ sector-specific experience. This puts us in a strong position to offer a range of data security and protection consultancy and assurance services.

At Audit Yorkshire we provide the following services tailored to your needs:

  • UK GDPR compliance support and assurance
  • Data Security and Protection Toolkit Audits
  • Data Protection Officer role / technical support to in-house DPOs
  • Policy formulation and review
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Support and assurance for Data Breach Management
  • Evaluation of IG E-Learning packages
  • Benchmarking services
  • Client-based interactive training workshops
  • Information governance research and advice

Audit Yorkshire understands the data protection challenges you face; by working together we provide bespoke recommendations and solutions which will add both quality and value to your organisation.