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Falanx Cyber Defence

We have agreed a strategic alliance with Falanx Cyber Defence to offer industry leading cyber security services. The alliance will allow Audit Yorkshire to offer penetration testing, run mock phishing exercises and provide incident response services, as well as having the expertise to offer security architecture and design assurance services for our clients. 

The Internal Audit Network (TIAN)

Audit Yorkshire is an active member of TIAN (formerly NHS Audit England), a collaborative vehicle of several NHS internal audit organisations which collectively employ in excess of 600 staff and maintain market share of around 70% of all NHS organisations. The strategic objective of TIAN is:

To improve the quality and value of Internal Audit and associated assurance services provided to NHS organisations

The objective is met by the design and implementation of an annual work programme and by the maintenance of strong outward facing links with key NHS stakeholders.

To facilitate delivery of its objective, TIAN has established three core working groups:

  • Professional and Research Group
  • Education & Training Group
  • Marketing & Brand Management Group