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Internal Audit Trainee - What to Expect

Life after university is hard, especially when you do not have a defined career path. I have a degree in History, a solid transferrable skills degree, which was chosen mainly due to personal interest, not due to the job opportunities that come with it. I found that, by reflecting on the skills I’d gained through university and thinking about the things I enjoyed doing, I could identify the jobs, and potential careers, that really stood out to me.

I was very keen on getting a job that had potential for further development, was a rewarding place to work, and where my thirst for knowledge would be satisfied. I did not expect to find these in my first job but I feel incredibly lucky that I have!

Audit Yorkshire have a defined trainee programme that allows you to work towards senior level and beyond, while being thoroughly supported and gaining an Chartered Qualification along the way; the opportunities within this company are endless. From day one you are thrown in and I can honestly say that every day you learn something new. This job is not just about looking at financial transactions and policies; you can be testing medical notes, visiting a hospital ward to carry out checks, and attending meetings that relate to the latest systems that the NHS is trialling.

You will learn - a lot! Day to day life in internal audit includes research and analysis, testing out systems, writing audit reports, and building relationships with clients. I have looked at the NHS from both the commissioning side and the provider side, learning how the full system works and about the challenges which affect our NHS.

Working as an internal auditor in the NHS is very rewarding because you are playing a key role in helping to improve patients’ experience, whilst also ensuring that the tax payer’s money is being used in the most efficient ways possible. I definitely take pride in working for the NHS and relate to the York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust values of caring about what we do, respecting and valuing each other.