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22nd December 2017


Audit Yorkshire Manager and Training and Development Lead, Karina Rogers, gives her view on the development of the apprenticeship standards and what they mean for Audit Yorkshire and other organisations.... Read more

24th November 2017

Crime Prevention Roadshow

There are many types of crime that affect the Trust and the wider community including violence; anti-social behaviour; security preparedness; terrorism; criminal damage; theft and fraud. Work to tackle crimes needs to be jointly led and co-ordinated for it to be most effective.... Read more

17th November 2017

Pastures New

After more than twenty years practising Information Governance in the context of an acute provider trust, this summer Susan Hall made the move to Audit Yorkshire as Information Governance Specialist Lead. In this blog, Susan reflects on her first four months in post.... Read more

1st November 2017

Environmental Auditing and Sustainability Issues

Environmental auditing is an environmental management tool for measuring the effect of particular activities on the environment, against set standards/criteria. ... Read more

4th October 2017


Mindfulness involves paying attention to our thoughts and feelings so we become aware of them. But how does this translate to the workplace? ... Read more

20th September 2017

The Fraud Triangle

NHS Fraud – Why does it happen and how do we stop it?... Read more

8th September 2017

Audit Yorkshire is looking for Associates to join our Bank

Do you want: • To retain your skills and knowledge without the commitment of a permanent role? • Flexible hours working on an as and when basis? • To share your expertise when needed to add value to our service delivery? Then look no further……apply now, or come and see us.... Read more

7th September 2017

A day in the life of an Audit Yorkshire Administrator

“A Day in the Life of…” explores what happens backstage at Audit Yorkshire. ... Read more

23rd August 2017

National Data Guardian and CQC Reviews

For those who may have missed this earlier in the Summer, the Government published its response to the National Data Guardian’s Review of Data Security, Consent and Opt-Out on Wednesday 12 July. ... Read more

2nd August 2017

Merger Experience

An individuals account of their merger experience... Read more

14th July 2017

IG Toolkit Version 14.1

IG Toolkit Version 14.1 is Now Live (05/07/2017)... Read more

12th July 2017

Identity Fraud (part 3)

How to protect yourself from identity fraud, and what to do if you are a victim.... Read more

5th July 2017

Identity Fraud (part 2)

Following on from last weeks blog, ask yourself these questions...... Read more

28th June 2017

Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is a very hot topic at the moment following a paper issued by Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System... Read more

23rd June 2017

Revised Public Sector Internal Audit Standards

The International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing published by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) were updated in 2016 and the revised standards became effective 1st January 2017. The Public Sector Internal Audit Standards (PSIAS) which are based on the IIA’s Internal Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) have also been revised, effective 1st April 2017. Audit Yorkshire have a produced a summary of the key changes to the PSIAS and the action we are taking in response.... Read more

12th June 2017

Ransomware: Ensuring Protection and Fighting Infection

Falanx Cyber Defence's technical summary... Read more

12th June 2017

Cyber-attack Guidance

Latest guidance for NHS on protecting against cyber attack ... Read more

8th June 2017

Internal Audit Graduate Trainee Scheme – A Trainee’s Perspective

In September 2014, one year after graduating university, I began thinking about the career path I wanted to take.... Read more

12th May 2017

NHS Protect Guidance Update

NHS Protect sent out an updated "Guide for the better protection of lone workers in the NHS". ... Read more

16th January 2017

Cyber-Security Newsletter

In light of recent high profile attacks on NHS organisations, please see attached a cyber-security newsletter issued by The Internal Audit Network (TIAN).... Read more