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Audit Yorkshire’s primary purpose is to provide assurance and constructive challenge through high quality, cost effective and independent internal audit, anti-crime, advisory and consultancy services. This ensures our Members reap the benefits of shared knowledge, skills and efficiency.


In March 2016 the Boards of North Yorkshire Audit Services (NYAS) and West Yorkshire Audit Consortium (WYAC) agreed to pursue closer collaboration in recognition of previous successes in winning tenders and awards, with the stated aim of bringing the two organisations together. Both Boards had an underlying desire to keep Internal Audit within the NHS, whilst improving innovation, service resilience and quality, stakeholder value and market share.  A merger was agreed as the way forward to secure this. 


The merger took place on 1 July 2016 with the successful transfer of WYAC employees to York Hospital Teaching NHS Foundation Trust (YTHFT).

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