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Overtime, Travel and Expenses

In my experience as a local Counter Fraud Specialist at Audit Yorkshire, one of the most prevalent reports I receive, feature potential instances of timesheet or travel and expenses reimbursement fraud.

This blog aims to help your organisation to prevent inadvertent claim breaches, potential manipulation of the procedures and to detect where fraud may be occurring, thus saving you money.

There are a number of ways this fraud can be committed so I will start with highlighting the most common.

When investigating these matters, more often than not, weak procedures or non-compliance with procedure has resulted in these types of claims being paid to the employee, when they could have been spotted and prevented.

Measures can be put into place to minimise the risk, as long as they are followed correctly.

Further information and guidance, for paper based and software enabled claims processes, as well as expense procedures, can be found by following the below link.

For any advice, or if you suspect fraud has occurred in your organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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