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Crime Prevention Event – 23 November Calderdale

The Trust held its Second Event at Calderdale on 23 November. Richard Whitehead (District Police Commander) & Lesley Hill Director of Planning, Performance, Estates & Facilities co-launched this event.

We would like to thank the following organisations.

  •  Crime Prevention, West Yorkshire Police
  • West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue
  • Crimestoppers
  • Victim Support
  • British Parking Association  

There are many types of crime that affect the Trust and the wider community including violence; anti-social behaviour; security preparedness; terrorism; criminal damage; theft and fraud. Work to tackle crimes needs to be jointly led and co-ordinated for it to be most effective.

Through joint initiatives with partner agencies the Trust is working hard to reduce and prevent crime. Much of this is underpinned by the sharing of information and intelligence with relevant Partnership bodies.

Key Messages

Over the last year the Trust has made a number of step changes to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the Trust and the wider community. (These are detailed in the next section).

Over the last few years the relationships we have with West Yorkshire Police and Calderdale Council, (both through Safer Calderdale and the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit), have gone from strength to strength. We have and will continue to support each other with the sharing of intelligence and data; this has led to successful prosecutions of a number of individuals.

The Trust’s 5 Aims to Ensure Continuous Improvement in Security/Crime Prevention Arrangements

The Trust has a Security/Crime Prevention action plan underpinned by 5 specific aims which are based on the national security strategy published by NHS Protect. These are:

  •  To work in partnership with communities and key stakeholders such as the Police, Leeds City Council, Crown Prosecution Service; Social Services and professional organisations such as the National Fraud Authority.
  • To establish a safe and secure environment ensuring that we have systems and policies in place to protect staff, patients and visitors from violence, harassment and abuse; the safeguarding of property and assets from theft, misappropriation or criminal damage and to protect resources from fraud.
  • To undertake investigations into security incidents/financial losses within a robust framework ensuring that all learning is identified and shared and action taken to mitigate the risk.
  • To lead on crime prevention work by applying an approach that is co-ordinated, intelligence led and evidence based.
  • To quality assure the delivery of anti-crime work with stakeholders and partners to ensure the highest standard is consistently applied.