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Christmas Day-ta

I love the festive period,  I don’t have a real tree as my cat tends to climb up the centre and we have just got a little pug puppy so can imagine his delight when he sees a tree suddenly spring up in the living room!

I was recently took up an appointment as a data analyst. My role involves working with the auditors to review data, help with sampling, identifying trends and anomalies to ensure that controls built in to systems are working and help prevent fraud. My new role got me thinking about how much information is recorded about the everyday things we do and in particular about December and the holiday period so even if you’re not a lover of the festive period these little nuggets of information will still prove an interesting read.

138 million parcels were delivered during the Christmas period in 2017, Royal Mail starts planning for Christmas in April!

Approximately 370m mince pies are sold in the UK each year. In the 1650s the country had been banned from eating mince pies on 25 December leading to the Plum Pudding Riots in 1658.   This was overturned when Charles II became King although there are some schools of thought who say this law has never been repealed which would mean it would be illegal to eat one on Christmas Day!

The NHS headcount was 1,198,238 in December 2017. This is 4,568 (0.4 per cent) less than the previous month (1,202,806) and 20,869 (1.8 per cent) more than in December 2016 (1,177,369).

On the 1st December 1937 the first Sellotape went on sale.  Around 6 million rolls will be sold in the UK in the run up to Christmas.

The Beatles have had the most number one singles with four but Band Aid’s charity record ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ is the biggest selling Christmas number one. The single was released on 3 December 1984 and entered the UK Singles Chart at number one where it stayed there for five weeks and sold one million copies in the first week.  Bohemian Rhapsody performed by Queen is the only song to have been Christmas Number one twice in 1975 and 1991.

The average person consumes approximately 5,241 calories on 25 December, including snacks and alcohol. You can see why we were banned from eating mince pies!!

Santa needs to visit about 822 homes per second to make sure he visits them all on Christmas Eve. He would have to travel at around 2,340,000 mph to do this.

Collecting and analysing data helps organisations assess their performance and plan for the future. Analysis of sales information, workforce data, journeys travelled can offer invaluable information to retailers and suppliers.   So when you pick up that box of mince pies just remember your purchase is helping shape the future both in terms of volume of goods required, staffing to make sure you are served and logistics to make sure it gets to the supplier on time.  Just from one little purchase.