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Internal Audit Graduate Trainee Scheme

In September 2014, one year after graduating university, I began thinking about the career path I wanted to take. Having studied a fairly general degree topic, I knew there were various schemes available to graduates and that the difficult part would be applying for a position that I felt would be of real interest, would suit my skills and abilities and would be something I could see myself enjoying as a long-term career.

At that point, I was encouraged to consider applying for positions in the National Health Service. After trawling through pages of open positions on NHS jobs and researching the NHS’ own graduate scheme, I found Audit Yorkshire (formally North Yorkshire Audit Services and West Yorkshire Audit Consortium) were recruiting to the position of Trainee Internal Auditor. The trainee scheme was aimed at graduates with some knowledge of the NHS but full training in relation to internal auditing would be provided.

The Institute of Internal Auditors defines internal audit as “ an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organisation's operations.” The opportunity to work within a team whose function is to add value and improve the operations of NHS organisations genuinely appealed to me and I decided to do some further research. A few months later after successfully progressing through the recruitment process, I had begun my career in Internal Audit.

In May 2017 I completed the graduate scheme and progressed to the role of qualified Internal Auditor. I would thoroughly recommend Audit Yorkshire’s graduate scheme to anyone who is interested in a career in Internal Audit, has a passion for the NHS and would value the opportunity to work with a range of NHS organisations across Yorkshire. Throughout the graduate scheme, you would be supported by a dedicated mentor and line manager. You would have the opportunity to attend various training courses, which personally I found to be invaluable, and you would also receive support with your professional studies. Whilst undertaking day to day responsibilities, you will also develop your wider knowledge of the NHS including finance, governance, risk management, HR and will also be involved in work that directly focuses on patient safety / quality areas.

We have a great team of staff here at Audit Yorkshire and would love to hear from graduates from a range of different educational backgrounds. Successful graduates currently working within our team have completed degrees in a range subjects such as accounting and finance, business studies, sciences and the arts.

Personally, my favourite aspect of internal auditing has to be the range of work we undertake and I know this view is shared by many of my colleagues. No two days are exactly the same. On Monday you might be writing a report on a piece of work you recently completed looking at an organisation’s financial systems and then on Tuesday you could be looking at how a different organisation collates patient safety performance information.

Every day you develop and build new relationships and meet new people. You may be working with clinical staff from a ward at a hospital, discussing an audit plan with the HR team or going through your audit findings with an executive Board member.

Seeing recommendations being implemented and knowing that they have the potential to really improve patient outcomes is truly rewarding.

Audit Yorkshire are planning to recruit a new group of graduate trainees in the near future. The positions will be advertised through NHS jobs and on this website. If you may be interested in applying for a position but have some questions you’d like to ask first, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Thank you

  James Goldsbrough, BA (Hons), CIA

Internal Auditor, Audit Yorkshire