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A life full of change

Having left university I started a role as a trainee accountant in the private sector, a role which I found repetitive and mundane. I jumped at the opportunity to apply for a job in Internal Audit as this was an area which I only had theoretical knowledge of from my Accountancy Studies degree but always found interesting. Initially undertaking financial reviews helped my confidence in audit grow and so did my interest in the work I was undertaking; the experience gained as a trainee accountant also supported this.

I have seen many changes both for our clients as well as our own organisation which has have included two mergers since I started my career in Internal Audit. Throughout my career, the NHS itself has seen many changes which has offered variety both the nature and types of audits we undertake and always keeps things interesting. For example, a financial creditors audit at the start of my career would involve a review of paper documents for the order, receipt and payment of goods, this was painstakingly time consuming, now documentation is all computerised and evidence is available at the click of a button. In addition, our clients are ever changing.  Just recently Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust (CHFT) set up a wholly-owned subsidiary to manage its estates, facilities and procurement functions. The company is owned by CHFT, but run as a separate arm’s length company and any profits the wholly-owned subsidiary makes go back into the Trust to be invested in frontline clinical services. I am looking forward to being involved in completing audits of the newly formed company on behalf of CHFT.

I will never be bored in my role as I am constantly learning; be this new systems, new ways of working or changes in the NHS that impact us as auditors. I know that this ever changing environment will always give me a new and positive outlook on how I work and at the same time developing knowledge and broadening my experience as an auditor.