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Is your work life balance working for you?

As a working mum of two boys, age four and two, life can seem like one long balancing act.

I had attended university, taken some time to travel and then settled on developing myself and my career. After gaining experience of auditing in the financial services sector and then moving into the public sector, I was successful in my appointment as a Senior Auditor at Audit Yorkshire (formerly North Yorkshire Audit Services) in late 2009.

Audit Yorkshire is committed to staff development, and whilst employed here I completed my Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams. I can’t say it is always easy working full time and studying, but the hard work was worth it. I have found that obtaining a professional qualification opens up the door to many opportunities that would otherwise have been unachievable

Over the next few years, I had both boys, and I was able to reduce my working hours to accommodate both my work and family life. I didn’t at any point feel ‘side lined’ as a part time worker, something which I know can be quite common. Flexible start and finish times are available (based around core hours) which I find really useful. I like to have an early start and be back in time for the ever hectic teatime and bedtime rigmarole!

Audit Yorkshire is an ever growing consortium and this has resulted in a number of promotional opportunities. I was recently awarded a promotion into the role of Assistant Audit Manager for one of the larger NHS Foundation Trust clients. I am able to maintain my reduced working hours knowing that there is the opportunity, should business needs to allow, to review and amend these when I am able to do so.

Work life is busy and home life is busy. There may be times when I have to work over and above my contracted days and hours to meet client demands. This doesn’t concern me, as there will inevitably be a nativity play on Wednesday afternoon which hopefully, I will never miss.

‘Remain firm about your goals, but flexible about your methods’ William A Donahue (1992)