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Back to Basics

As NHS auditors, we are well used to scrutinising the processes in place which support the provision of healthcare within our communities. However, we may not always take the time to look at what we do to support our own health. With dark mornings and evenings and a chill in the air, it is an important time of year for all of us to reflect on how we manage our own well-being.

At Audit Yorkshire we are lucky to be able to spend time in the wonderful towns and cities in which our clients are based, and this gives many of us the perfect excuse to take a lunchtime leg-stretch. The NHS advocates exercise, including walking, to support our health and happiness. If this isn’t your cup of tea, the NHS website provides resources to help people get into all sorts of activities, including links to companies which give out free taster gym passes, video-classes for yoga, aerobics and others, and podcasts to guide you through the couch to 10k running programme. There is even a guide to gentle exercise which can be done sitting - perfect for those of us who need a lift on a busy day.

Going back to basics, the NHS website also hosts ideas for healthy breakfasts, how to improve sleep and energy levels, and how to boost the immune system. Respective suggestions include Apple Pie Porridge to reduce mid-morning snacking and improve nutrient intake, learning to de-stress through exercise and meditation, and to choose foods like cheese and yogurt which have protein, vitamins A and B12, and calcium.

I am certainly proud to be part of Audit Yorkshire and the NHS community, playing my part within a healthcare system which is there for all of us throughout our lives. Some of the tools the NHS provides us with are less dramatic than others, but it may be worth taking a moment to give them some thought. It’s easy to assume the basics are taken care of, but we all know the risks involved in this. If we apply the principles we use in our work to our own self-management systems, we have the opportunity to make changes to how we look after our health that can have a real impact on both our day to day lives and on our futures.